Jeremiah Minton

Where Design Meets Programming


I decided to enter the field of design when I was in the 10th grade when I had to create a product. I developed an off the wall product that grabbed the class attention. We all had a big laugh at the product and I knew that day forward I wanted to use my talent to develope designs to influence people's lives.


As technology has became more advanced, I decided to take my love for technology and expand my skills so I just not just a designer but someone who developes code to understand the needs and desires of people. The application that I create looks pleasing to the eye as well as the functionality to the user needs.

Graphic Arts

I use Adobe Creative Cloud Suite(CCS) for most of my work. This work includes Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustration, Photography, Audio Editing, and Video Editing.


The technologies that I use are, C#, JAVA, MySQL, Visual Basic, HTML5, CSS3, CMS(Such as Wordpress & Joomula), Adobe CCS and JavaScript.